Emsella is a new medical marvel technology which is US-FDA approved for men & women. It is an electromagnetic chair to sit on fully clothed, and makes u do 11000 supramaximal Kiegel exercises in half an hour. It is like a marathon-long strong pelvic floor pilates session, something very difficult to achieve even in a whole year! The contractions are much stronger than what we can achieve on voluntary trying. It works for urinary leakage, sexual dysfunction which are some of the commonest complaints. There is no analgesia or anaesthesia involved, and there are no side effects. Just walk in, walk out This technology is a very simple, non-invasive painless way to treat this, rather than taking medications or having complicated surgeries. It has no side effects. We also use it for pre as well as post pregnancy fitness. Studies show that there is a 95% improvement in quality of life, and 70-90% change in leakage issues. The chair just works on the PFM - pelvic floor muscles, which support organs like bladder, rectum, n uterus in women. The muscles get repolarised n strengthened with this chair, which is the most natural way of improving the symptoms

Be "pelvic floor smart" n repair damage caused by child bearing, aging n menopause.. No more urinary leakage, better sexual intimacy... We have the EMSELLA!!!! Sit on the chair (fully clothed) n do 11000 Kiegels Exercises in 28mins!! Tone ur pelvic floor by a marathon pilates ready for a pregnancy... It's for the MEN also!!!