Where We Work

Where We Work

 We are at Sarla Hospital & ICU are totally dedicated to Women's Health, as we strongly believe "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world".

We are a team of super specialities' which cover all the aspects of a woman right from the time of conception to adolescence, contraception , childbearing & menopause. Our team consists of not only a super specialist gynaecologist, endoscopic surgeon, infertility specialist, high risk obstetrician, but also Plastic, Cosmetic, Laser Surgeons, Psychiatrists, Dietition & Nutritionist , Dermatologist, Fitness & Physiotherapist, our resident doctors (round the clock), Specialist nurses & housekeeping staff to provide total comforting care.

It is a 35 bedded hospital with 7 bedded ICU, 2 Operation Theater (with German Endoscopic Equipment), Labour Room, 24 hrs Pathology & Radiology services & all the state of the art modern equipments to give quality care to the patients. It boasts of having some of the most luxurious rooms including suites with kitchen & one of the best cosmetic surgery centers.

Consulting Room

The Consulting rooms are specially colour coded to provide a soothing atmosphere conducive to a good interaction. 

Labour Room

The Labour Room at Sarla Hospital & ICU is one of the most aesthetically designed Labour Rooms in the country! It is White with pink & blue clouds. Not only that, it is equipped with all the latest equipment making the delivery a very safe process.

It has a continuous foetal heart monitor which records the baby heart rate throughout if required, a “Birthing Bed” specially designed for Indian women (very comfortable for pushing during delivery). It has a separate baby area with warmer, suction & all resuscitative equipment.

It has a Jacuzzi which is used for pain management in the initial stages of Labour.

It meets the “International Standards” of a delivery room which is situated in the OT block, & if required patient can be directly wheeled in OT for an emergency caesarian or any procedure within minutes.

Here, the medical team is always prepared to face challenges which can come without any warning. We boast of being one of the only hospitals which has a dedicated obstetric ICU (with ventilators) to deal with all emergencies & high risk deliveries. (e.g. Anemia, heart disease, epilepsy, jaundice, hypertension, multiple pregnancies etc)


We have 2 spacious, well equipped OTs where all kinds of procedures Gynaec, Cosmetic, Surgical, Orthopedic, etc. are performed. For Laparoscopic surgery, we have German imported equipment of the highest quality.
We have a newly renovated, bacteria free OT with total steel paneling, (including ceiling) Large Laminar air flows, C arm & remote controlled OT table. It is a state of the art OT making surgery safer for the patient. It also has the latest anaesthetsia equipment with the latest gases available, as quality care is of prime importance to us

Patient Rooms

We have rooms ranging from the economic wards which are 3 sharing, twin sharing, single and deluxe rooms. We also have a separate floor for the executive and suit rooms which are totally luxiourius, unmatched and do not make you feel that you are in a hospital. They are equipped with Fridge, TV, A/C, Telephone and even a Microwave with kitchenette in the suit room. We have a well trained staff to take care of your stay here making you very comfortable.


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